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What Are the Benefits of Investing in Android Apps?

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 | August 11, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2021-08-12T06:55:56Z


To be really honest, a mobile app is the frosting on the user experience's cake, whereas calls and text messages are the device's primary tasks. However, if an app is engaging enough, it may become the primary focus of a person's attention. A mobile application may help you build brand loyalty and remain ahead of the competition in a competitive company. Consumers expect their favorite brands and businesses to create their own mobile apps to provide a more personalized user experience. As the need for mobile application development and design continues to increase, mobile application development in India has developed into a sizable industry.

A mobile application is the most cost-effective marketing and communication tool for any business/company. You may pick between Android and iOS depending on the significance and usability of mobile applications. Conduct market research on local Android and iPhone application development firms before to developing your app to choose which developer is the greatest fit for you. Almost every company will eventually be forced to pick between Android and iOS. Both methods offer a number of advantages and disadvantages. Choose the appropriate platform for your application based on your needs.

The green robotic person is well-known for its profitable features, low price, and fragmentation of the smartphone industry. Unlike Apple, Android supports a broad variety of devices, making it the platform of choice for application development. Wait! This is not the sole reason for Android's superiority over other operating systems. Additionally, there are benefits to creating an Android application. This is why:

Android is the market leader in India's smartphone industry.

Android now dominates 97 percent of the Indian smartphone market, according to a recent study. India is now the world's third biggest smartphone market, after China and the United States.

Android is the only market that can provide a diverse variety of smartphones with high-quality features at an affordable price. Simply said, an Android smartphone is affordable to the typical Indian customer on a shoestring budget. Android continues to dominate the Indian smartphone market due to market segmentation and price.

Android has a low entrance barrier.

To create iOS applications, businesses must have a Mac desktop computer. On the other hand, Android application development may be carried out on a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. Additionally, Google charges a one-time cost of $25 for developer registration, while Apple charges an annual fee of $99 for developer registration. To begin developing an Android application, all you need is a system and a $25 development cost.

Android applications are developed in the Java programming language.

Java has established itself as the most powerful programming language, and it is now being utilized to develop a diverse array of devices. It is an open source effort that makes available to developers the source code for its Java Development Kit (JDK), with the additional benefit of running on any machine regardless of its hardware or software requirements. This robust programming language is used to create native Android applications.

Due to the fact that Android applications are written in Java, they may simply be converted to other platforms like as Symbian, Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS.

Android is a highly customizable operating system.

Are you fed up with the same ole' widgets? Chill! Substitute a widget from a third-party application for the default one. Are you fed up with staring at the same thing? Additionally, you may download and replace it. Android enables you to completely modify your program, which is why developers choose to build for Android over other platforms.

Android is the best platform.

Rapid response is critical in the ever-growing app industry. The Google Play Store for Android enables you to update your app within an hour in response to customer input, while the App Store requires the same long submission procedure. You may publish the same application many times on the Play Store, but an updated version takes at least a week to appear on the App Store.

Apart from many uploads, it also provides Alpha and Beta versions of your software that may be viewed by a restricted number of individuals for the sole purpose of testing it. Prior to the application reaching its intended audience, you may want to correct problems and/or add new features based on testing feedback. As a consequence, Android provides an ideal environment for testing your application.

Android is a viable commercial alternative.

Yes! You are correct. iPhone users, it is often believed, are wealthy enough to make in-app purchases and therefore earn more money than Android users. This is not the case any more. For Android developers, in-app purchases, original app purchases, and the most lucrative income stream—app advertising—are all viable choices.

According to DAU-UP study, in January 2010, the average income per user for Android games was just 20%. Surprisingly, it had increased to 65 percent by the end of the year. Furthermore, advertising costs are 20% to 50% cheaper on Android applications, suggesting that they may be more lucrative in the long term than iPhone apps.

You can now build your app on this most promising platform and remain ahead of the competition in this competitive market now that you understand the advantages of investing in an Android app. Android is unmatched in terms of simplicity of use and cheap cost, and it continues to dominate the smartphone industry. It's important to remember that creating an Android app is not an expensive endeavor. It is a financial commitment!

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