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Viruses: What are they and how are they produced

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 | August 11, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2021-08-12T06:27:54Z


Computers have been linked with viruses in recent years, and there is no sign that viruses will disappear very soon. According to, "April has already established a new monthly record for virus emails." 1 We used to tell new computer users not to worry about viruses and that acquiring a computer infection was very uncommon. That is one of the worst suggestions anybody could make in the modern day. Computer viruses are on the rise and are very concerning, as many news articles have indicated. This article will explain viruses and then point you in the direction of some very unusual ways of protection and prevention.

A computer virus is a piece of software designed to do harm or steal data. It infects computers through - often unintentional - dissemination via e-mail attachments, program downloads, and even certain forms of cunning web scripting. Trojan horses are data-destroying viruses, bombers are virus that explode, and worms are virus that replicate. Certain viruses combine the two, but are more easily distinguished by their position on a computer.

A boot sector virus is a virus that originates in a computer's boot sector and begins performing harmful activities as soon as the computer is powered on. A file virus is a virus that infects and activates additional applications when the infected application starts. File viruses are sometimes referred to as parasite viruses; however, if both the boot and infected programs operate, the virus is referred to as a multipart virus.

While the reason viruses exist remains a mystery, we are privy to the thoughts of a viral coder who discloses the source of his destructive impulses. This individual seemed to have a great deal of rage against an unidentified big Internet business. According to this hacker, the internet provider failed to safeguard minors from online smut, resulting in the creation and distribution of a virus in as many libraries as possible on the website. His goal was to completely deactivate users of the online service and prohibit them from signing in for days. According to him, the internet provider would lose money due to the absence of connectivity.

Although it may have created malicious code for a tiny number of customers, the fact that the Internet service continues to operate and is still available today is sufficient. Whatever his motive or goal, his attempts were futile.

We would not be shocked if other people' motives for spreading illness were similar, but this does not explain the occurrence of dangerous viruses. Innocent individuals are used as marionettes in the wicked schemes of others who have persuaded themselves that doing the "right thing" is the best course of action.

An antivirus software must not infect a computer with a virus or attempt to remove a virus from an infected machine. However, there may be other measures that we can take. Perhaps we should make a concerted effort to educate the public about non-dangerous methods of expressing displeasure with a service or product. This way, we can decrease the amount of viral news stories while still protecting our own assets.

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