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Apple's iPhone Business Edition

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 | August 10, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2021-08-12T06:56:26Z


If you look at the advertising for the Apple iPhone, you would believe that it is intended solely for use by young adults for recreational purposes. The majority of advertising emphasizes the iPhone's entertainment value. They concentrate on music, video, and social media. By and large, not very businesslike. However, the Apple iPhone for business is not widely advertised. Perhaps this is because AT&T is the sole service provider for the iPhone, and they are not in the business of cutting deals on iPhone services. Nonetheless, the iPhone can be a valuable business tool; the only question is whether the cost is justified.

Is it truly feasible to use an Apple iPhone for business purposes? It is possible. Your specific business situation will dictate whether this phone is worth considering or if it is impractical. There are times when the iPhone shines and times when it is completely impractical.

If you need to communicate with others on a constant basis, you should consider the Apple iPhone for business. This would include texting, chatting, emailing, and communicating via cell phone. A buyer for a retailer is an ideal use case for an iPhone in a business environment. When the buyer attends trade shows or other purchasing events, utilizing the iPhone as a camera to send potential product to management can provide your business with a competitive edge. Fashion lends itself to iPhone usage. If you're attending fashion shows to determine which designer lines to bring in, an iPhone is necessary. You can take a photo or video of the hottest items still on the runway and send them to purchasing, where orders can be placed before the close of business that day. If your business depends on carrying the latest and greatest designer fashion, the sooner you place orders for the upcoming season, the more profitable it will be. If you fail to introduce new styles first, someone else will. Having an iPhone will benefit antique dealers and art collectors. There is no better way than an iPhone to send images of art and antiques to clients and to your business. When you're ready to make a purchase, you can carry customer wish lists along with their contact information. If you come across something they're looking for, you can inform them prior to making an offer on the item. You are, in a sense, pre-selling your inventory! That is the pinnacle of excellence. These are just a few of the ways that using the Apple iPhone for business can be beneficial. This would make the cost justifiable.

On the other hand, if you're in an environment that's unsuitable for a sensitive device like the iPhone, using the Apple iPhone for business makes little sense. iPhone usage is not recommended on construction sites, factories, assembly lines, shipping and receiving departments, or anywhere near water. The touch screen is extremely responsive. Dirt, debris, moisture, grease, and oil are not the iPhone's or any other cell phone's friends. Industrial settings are too demanding for this delicate phone. It does not fare well when dropped. There is a significant risk of damaging or breaking the screen. This is a phone designed for use in a less stressful environment. If this describes your business, then using an Apple iPhone for business is not a prudent investment.

Thus, now that you understand which business applications are appropriate for iPhone use and which are not, you can determine which category your business falls into. Should you purchase an Apple iPhone for business purposes? If you can justify the high cost of the phones and the cost of using AT&T for business cell phone service, it may be worthwhile. You are the only person who is familiar with your company's finances. Consider the iPhone if it fits. However, if you work in an industry that is notoriously hard on laptops and cell phones, or if your work environment necessitates the use of an industrial strength walkie-talkie phone, then using the Apple iPhone for business is not a viable option. What should you choose?

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